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For colleges, universities, colleges and EADs.
Record student grades; financial transactions; miscellaneous payments; notifications to parents; activity record; attendance at the secretariat; book loans; etc.

Financial Area

Any company, bank, financial, fintech or that has a registry of values.
Register postings; bills to pay; bank records; attendance; etc.

Public agencies

Courts of justice, prefectures, chambers, municipalities, registries, etc.
Record information; documents; processes; official journals; financial launches; etc.


Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctors, pharmacies, health plans, network and patients.
Record and medical and patient history; patient identity; researches; clinical trials; storage of electronic medical records; cost reduction; traceability of medicines; laboratory results; etc.

Energy / Water Concessionaires

Register the accounts; payments; beginnings and end of interruptions; attendance; etc.

Dealers and assemblers

Car mileage tracking; registration of automobiles; manufacturing processes; etc.

Industry 4.0, conventional factories and industries

Product traceability; registration of manufacturing processes; monitoring of inputs; batch and product marking; etc.

Systems and Applications

Registration of important actions; error logs; registration of requests; financial launches; etc.

Registry Office

Registration of documents; financial records; etc.

Lottery and Sweepstakes

Registration of numbers drawn; registration of participating cards; registration of award deliveries; etc.


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