Before using any services of the RestBlockchain site, you must read and agree to these TERMS OF USE and our Privacy Policy.

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Before accepting these TERMS OF USE, make sure that you have understood and agreed to their full content.


The site RestBlockchain (hereinafter referred to simply as "site") is maintained by RestBlockchain.

The site offers its users a platform for managing private and public blockchains.

RestBlockchain does not manage, insert, or edit any information from any blockchain.

The Site only makes it easy for users to create blockchains and keep them running.


To create a blockchain, each user must accept the present TERMS OF USE and our Privacy Policy and carry out their Registration on the site.

The user undertakes to provide true, current and complete information at the time of his / her Register and shall keep this information current.

RestBlockchain is not responsible for the information provided by each user at the time of their registration, and such information is provided under the sole responsibility of the user.

The provision of false information or improper use of third-party data in your own name constitutes a crime typified by the Brazilian Penal Code. In any of these cases, RestBlockchain may suspend or permanently cancel the access of the user in question to all services and functionalities of the site, without prejudice to any other measures that are guaranteed by the legislation in force.

RestBlockchain may, in its sole discretion, request additional documents and information to confirm or maintain any User's Registry. In the event that RestBlockchain decides to exercise this faculty in relation to any user, the Registry of this user may be suspended or definitively canceled if the user refuses to provide the information or to send the requested documents or, if still, it is found, from the analysis of such information and documents, that the user entered false or incomplete information at the time of their Registration.

Each user can maintain only a single registration in the site, linked to the email address. If there is more than one Registry relating to the same person, one or all of these Registry entries may be suspended or canceled at RestBlockchain's discretion.

RestBlockchain reserves the right to refuse any registration request and to suspend or cancel a previously accepted Registry in the cases of (i) breach of any of the provisions of these TERMS OF USE, (ii) impossibility of verifying the user's identity or finding falsehood in any of the information provided by it, (iii) the practice by the user of fraudulent or malicious acts or the adoption of any behavior that, at RestBlockchain's discretion, is incompatible with the purposes of the site, with other users or who may , in any way, cause damage to third parties or to the site.

Should any user's Registration be suspended or canceled for any of the reasons provided in these TERMS OF USE, all their blockchains will be permanently suspended.


When you register, a password will be generated and sent automatically to the user's email.

The e-mail and password are personal and non-transferable and should not be informed by the user to any third parties. If you are aware that any third party has had access to your e-mail and password, or that any use or unauthorized access to your account on the site by a third party has occurred, you should immediately request that you notify RestBlockchain.


Users acknowledge and agree that RestBlockchain is the sole and exclusive owner of all copyrights and intellectual property related to the site, including its domain name, its programming, files, databases, content, design, features and other features , and that such rights are protected by law. The trade name RestBlockchain, the brand RestBlockchain, and the products and services associated with this mark are the exclusive property of RestBlockchain and its unauthorized use is subject to the consequences provided by law.

These TERMS OF USE do not imply the assignment or transfer to the user of any rights relating to the site, or any part of its content or characteristics. Users may use the site only to the strictest terms permitted in these TERMS OF USE.

Users are prohibited from modifying or attempting to modify any functionality of the site, to produce any derivations from the site or to access any part of the site for the creation of a competing product or service or any product or service that contains ideas, features or functions similar to those of the site. The use of any device, software or other resource that may interfere with the activities and operations of the site or that has as purpose access to the information or databases of the site is also not allowed. Any activity that violates or contravenes intellectual property laws, other applicable rules or prohibitions set forth in these TERMS OF USE will subject the responsible to the relevant legal consequences, including compensation for any damages caused.

The site may display links to other Internet sites, which does not mean that these sites are owned or operated by, RestBlockchain. RestBlockchain has no control over the content of other sites whose access is facilitated by links inserted in our site, and, therefore, will not be responsible for the contents, practices and services offered in these other sites.


All personal data entered by the user at the time of his registration are stored on servers or high security magnetic media.

RestBlockchain takes all possible measures to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information provided by its users. However, users declare to be aware of the possibility of a violation of the security of the servers of the site by attacks of hackers or other circumstances to which systems connected to the Internet are subject, cases in which, in spite of the best efforts of RestBlockchain, the information and data of users may be illegally accessed by third parties.

RestBlockchain may also disclose data and information to any user if required by law or by order of a competent authority.

The use of the services provided by RestBlockchain requires the sending of electronic messages (such as e-mails) for security and administrative purposes. Because they are part of the nature of the services provided, these notifications are an integral part of the operation of the site and can not be sent to the canceled user. All other notifications sent by the site count on an administrative area so that the user can request or cancel the future sending.

For more information about the protection of your personal data, see our Privacy Policy.


The services of the site are available for access exclusively through the Internet. In order to access our services, users must be provided with the necessary and appropriate equipment, such as a properly installed and licensed computer with a browser, a modem, as well as Internet access infrastructure and services.

The services of the site are subject to interruptions, delays and problems inherent in the use of the Internet. RestBlockchain shall not be liable for any such interruptions, delays or problems, or for any defects or limitations of the equipment or navigation program used by the users, or for any defects or limitations of the access provision services or access infrastructure. Internet contracted by users.

RestBlockchain also will not be responsible for any virus that may attack your equipment due to access, use or navigation on the Internet or as a consequence of the transfer of data, files, images, texts or audio.


RestBlockchain may change, at any time, these TERMS OF USE, in order to improve and improve the services offered by the site.

Any changes to these TERMS OF USE will take effect immediately upon posting on the site.

If you do not agree to any changes implemented in these TERMS OF USE, you must immediately cancel your Registration. If you do not make this cancellation, you will be agreeing to the new TERMS OF USE.


In the event of User's failure to comply with any provision of this TERMS OF USE, RestBlockchain may declare it resolved in relation to such user, regardless of any notice, notification or other formality, immediately disrupting access to the user to the site, without prejudice to any other rights granted to RestBlockchain by law or by these TERMS OF USE.

These TERMS OF USE shall be governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil and shall be the seat of the Capital of the State of Sergipe, to the exclusion of any other, however privileged it may be or may be, to settle any disputes or controversies arising out of the TERMS OF USE.

The user acknowledges that the peculiarities of the use of the site and the services provided therein have been sufficiently described in this term and that RestBlockchain has duly fulfilled the duty of information. After reading all the conditions that regulate the use of the site and its services, the user consents to these terms of use and accepts all its provisions.

Any questions, please contact support.

Updated 1/28/2019.